Hey there


We are George & Ioana, an adventurous couple just like you, and we want to know your story.

 Living near the woods has spurred a deep adoration for the outdoors and it’s a huge part of our lives. Campfires, road trips, hikes with our dogs, community, and the calm of nature… that’s the stuff of joy.


We've experienced a generous serving of human circumstances that have made us laugh (the loud kind), cry (the ugly kind), and wonder how fortunate we are to have come upon such a wild and strange life. We're deeply fascinated by how we live: the vivid relationships we each share with one another, the sweet glances between lovers and how people come together. In between hiking, laughing, and having a bunch of people over for Sunday dinner, you'll find us photographing a story somewhere in the world. For us, it's less about what things look like, and more how things feel. If you're into that as well, we're probably kindered spirits.


While we could certainly say a lot more cliché stuff, we'll just say that we're simply excited to meet you and capture your love in a meaningful, new way. We'll have loads of fun in the process. We are firm believers in doing what you love and giving yourself to it whole-heartedly so you can be sure we will pour our heart into each photo.